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For thousands of years, the most sought after answer to the question when it came to the affair's of the heart: What is LOVE? 


Since my first serious crush that sadly was not reciprocated to falling for guys that always ended with a broken heart, my passion for understanding human romantic love began. When I finally found true love and got married, still the questions about how and why we love continued to haunt me.


I was curious to know:

  1. Why we females attach ourselves so quickly to a guy we like but barely know?

  2. Why we are so eager to be in a genuine relationship?

  3. Why men don’t connect as easily and keep you guessing as to when they are ready to be serious?

  4. Why women dwell on the future of the relationship, while guys don’t?

  5. How we humans naturally yearn to connect with another human being?

  6. And, of course, the major question, what is love?


Through 25 years of my education & research, I’ve finally discovered all the answers. So, here are the answers to my previous questions:

  1. The human female produces the neurochemical, oxytocin which is a bonding chemical. She will bond rather quickly while in a romantic situation.

  2. We women are innately designed to bond, mate and procreate.

  3. The human male is an autonomous sexually being designed to spread his seed. Therefore, the male hormone, testosterone, block men’s oxytocin so they can’t bond right away.

  4. As natural bonders and procreators, the human female, like most female species, prepare for nesting (planning home & hearth) for the arrival of family.

  5.  Since the dawn of time, human life, through romantic partnership allows for the continuation of our species.

  6. Now due to the tremendous amount of research in neurobiology the past ten years, we now have the answer to what is love? Answer: Love is the 'STATE OF ONENESS'! 

Connection Dating Academy provides you a ground-breaking, one-of-its-kind course we call the ‘Science of Human Love’! Through neuroscience, graphics, videos, and examples, you will learn how we humans romantically connect.

This fascinating and valuable course is the most primary solution to effectively date and support ongoing relationships in the 21st century. For we live in a time of digital dating, the need for expert advice, using matchmaking agencies, swiping for instant sex, and worst of all, no precise dating structure to guide one through the agony & ecstasy of dating.


As a CDA student, you’ll Learn.

• Human Sexuality 101: You will gain in-depth knowledge of the Four Primary Human Sexualities according to their Testosterone and Estrogen levels.

• Neuro Processes: Take a fascinating journey into the ‘THE ONENESS STATE OF BEING’ known as love, that starts within the ancient brain.

• Our Innate Behavior’s: You will be amazed at how our unique instincts control certain behaviors in processing those behaviors within the brain. Nature designed an intrinsic practice to work with certain parts of the brain, like the Limbic System and Emotive Center.

• Synergy Dating ©: Discover the social and intrinsic interactive methods for harmoniously connecting while dating.


And much more!

What are the valuable benefits you will receive from our course?  

  • Complete Dating Confidence Guaranteed!

  •  Self Confidence!

  •  Relating to others will become Second Nature!

  •  Relational Synergy!

  •  A Oneness State of Being with your Chosen Partner!

  •  You will instantly know, The One!

  • And Much More!

This webinar course offers many scientific facts never presented before on human love, which makes it even more valuable to professionals in the business, such as:


  •          Matchmakers!

  •          Love & Relationship Experts!

  •          Coaches!

  •          Relationship Consultants!

  •          Dating Experts!

  •          Love Gurus! 

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