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Hello! My name is Linda Jean Runstein, and I’m Your Science Wizard (IQ:192) when it comes to Human Love & Genuine Connections!

My select webinar course shows you how to, (through the Science of Human Love & Connection), adapt dating methods to every significant type of human understanding, and this method also applies to everyday life.

This course is valuable to employers & employees when it comes to connecting on a human level, especially for interacting with potential clients, teams, & workgroups.

Attention! Relationship & Love Experts get certified as a professional in the field of Science in Human Love & Genuine Connections! Learn how both love and connecting occur on an instinctual and biological level. Next Course Webinar, Winter, 2020!

Along with my twenty-five years of research accessible to you, insider tips, and helpful demonstrations, you’ll find yourself able to implement an understanding that promotes a genuine connection.

Students Learn:

• Human Sexuality 101: You will gain in-depth knowledge of the Four Primary Human Sexualities according to their Testosterone and Estrogen levels.

• Science & Neurobiology: Take a fascinating journey into the Science of human love starting first within the ancient brain to the specific neurochemicals that process our feelings for LOVE & HUMAN CONNECTION!

• Our Innate Behavior’s: You will be amazed at how our unique instincts control certain behaviors in processing those behaviors within the brain. Nature designed an intrinsic practice to work with certain parts of the brain, like the Limbic System and Emotive Center.

• How the Brain Constructs the Mental & Physical States of Love: A fascinating look at how human love is created beginning within the ancient brain to our first brain. No, it’s not the results of love you will witness, but how the effects occur.

And much more!

The benefits of understanding human connection are primary critical solutions to natural dating and ongoing harmonious relationships, a proven method that is so vital in the 21st Century.

Plus, this course provides excellent graphics & videos. They will show you how dealing with people, in general, will help you to understand and communicate more effectively.