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If you're on this page, then you are curious about who the heck I am. Well here goes,


I'm a CPC, Author, Educator, Influencer, and Entrepreneur. Founder & President of  Love Science Global Research Group, LLC. Connection Dating Academy, Online Webinar Courses.


My 20 + years researching the science on human love has helped me become an authority on the differences between the human male & female and how we fall in love with considerable education and experience in the following fields:

Social Science
Behavioral Science
Natural Science
Human Biology

I’m proficient in:

Fast Thinking
Deep Analytics
Extensive Research


I'm indeed a qualified specialist when it comes to teaching how to connect while on a date, genuinely.


My focus is on teaching you how to understand as well as interact with the opposite sex. I have helped millions of men & women gain the confidence to get out there and find the one.


Yes, I'm tooting my own horn but, confidence is vital in my profession as I'm sure it is in yours. So if you've never, ever heard of me, you know me now!


My popular webinar courses start again in fall, 2019.

On another note,

My most impressive and relevant achievements:

I learned about entertaining and the foodservice business at a very early age. I was eight years old when I first learned to send out invitations. Moreover, by the age of 12, I was proficient in hiring caterers for our family functions.

Employed at Haemonetics Corporation, Natick, MA, I worked on BLOOD TRANSFUSION FILTERS. While there, I developed a Tube Filter Work Board that could quickly assemble 10-12 blood filters in as easy as five minutes where before it took 30 minutes. I soon was promoted to management at another Haemonetics location in Braintree, MA.

In the food & catering business for 20 years, I worked as a general manager for, Bob (my future husband), in his Boston area restaurants. In 1987 I opened an Esthetics shop, New Skin Salon & Spa. There I developed a facial series, THE FUSION FACIAL and then partnered with Reviva Labs in New Jersey to package it as a facial kit for the beauty industry and licensed Estheticians.

After moving to Colorado in 2000, I began a career in website design, starting my own business for five years, Trouble Shooter Consulting. I then became a relationship coach and from there began workshops & seminars in the science of human love.

Today I’m still coaching & instructing on dating & relationships on my online, Connection Dating Academy Webinars and working on my first non-fiction book, Love Science: The Science of Romantic Love, due out in 2020!

I live in Denver, Colorado, with my husband of 33 years, Robert, and three cats, Tizer, Baby Blue, and Mischa May. 

About your instructor, Linda Jean Runstein