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Winter Connection Dating Course Description!

Dating anxiety is more prevalent today than in past generations. We are so equality-minded that we forget we aren't equal when it comes to love. We are opposites that come together to form a synergy or collaboration of purpose, that is Love – Mating – Procreating.


This course will teach you how to genuinely connect through understanding the essential specifics of your gender, instinctual behavior’s and neuro-biological functions as well as understanding your opposite’s gender, instinctual behavior’s and neuro-biological functions.


What are the valuable benefits you get out of this course?  

  • Dating Confidence!

  • Self Confidence

  • Understanding Opposites to Relate!

  • Genuine Human Connection!

  • Love!

  • Relational Synergy!

  • Mating for life!


This webinar course offers many scientific facts never presented before on human love, which makes it even more valuable to professionals in the business, such as:


  • Matchmakers

  • Love & Relationship Experts

  • Coaches

  • Relationship Consultants

  • Dating Experts

  • Love Gurus 

People from all walks of life and professions can benefit, also, from learning the differences between the sexes to relate and communicate more effectively, especially people like:


  • Managers

  • Human Resource Personnel

  • Public Speakers

  • Politicians

  • Teachers

  • Employers

  • Employees

  • Sales Executives



Course Outline:



Why we live in a world of opposites.


Lesson 1)

The great Male & Female Divide

Why are there only two genders, Male & Female?

Learn the Four Primary Human Sexualities and how they relate to varying degrees of opposites.

How different amounts of Estrogen & Testosterone production play a unique role in human sexuality.

How and why opposite genders create physical attraction.


Lesson 2)

The Innate or Intrinsic-Unconscious

Our brain’s Nature-Based Unconscious and how it works.

How our Nature-Based Unconscious affects our biology?


Lesson 3)

Male & Female Instinctual Behaviors

Masculine innate behaviors explained.

Feminine innate behaviors explained.

How our Intrinsic-Unconscious works with our neurobiology?

How our unique, innate behaviors and neurobiology work to sustain human love?

Lesson 4)

How Human Intrinsic Behavior & Biology Complete the Two Genders as One.

Learn how the brain creates emotions of love.

Cingulate Gyrus the Emotive Center of the Brain.


Lesson 5)

The complete process of becoming one through:

Mind: innate behaviors, neurobiology.

Body: attraction, lust, sex

Soul: Synergy of purpose, becoming of one


Lesson 6)

The Difference in Male & Female Perception

Learn why females favor the perception of Providing & Protecting.

Learn why Males favor the perception of Nurturing & Caregiving.


Lesson 7)

Why Men & Women Communicate Differently

From our ancient ancestor’s limited sounds & gestures to modern language.

How and why female emotion versus male logic in communication.

Why the difference?


Lesson 8)

The Human Love Blueprint

Why the acts or expressions of love are the results of the creation of love.

Witness what love looks like inside the brain.


Lesson 9)

How to Genuinely Connect on the very first Date

Synergy Dating 101

What is Synergy Dating, and how does it work?

Learn the very moment when you seriously connect as one, and it’s not through sex!