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Course Outline:

Introduction: We live in a world of opposites.


Lesson 1) The great Male & Female Divide

  • Why are there only two genders, Male & Female?

  • Learn about the Four Primary Human Sexualities and how they relate to varying degrees of opposites.

  • How different amounts of Estrogen & Testosterone production play a unique role in human sexuality.

  • How and why opposite create physical attraction.


Lesson 2) The Innate-Ancient Brain

  • How our Nature-Based old brain works and how it affects our biology.


Lesson 3) Male & Female Instinctual Behaviors

  • Masculine innate behaviors explained.

  • Feminine innate behaviors explained.

  • How our unique, innate behaviors and neurology work to sustain human love.

Lesson 4) Learn how the Intrinsic-Unconscious or Ancient Brain works with the New Brain.


Lesson 5) The complete process of becoming one through:

  • Mind: innate behaviors, neurology.

  • Body: attraction, lust, sex.

  • Soul: Synergy of purpose, becoming of one.


Lesson 6) The Difference in Male & Female Perception

  • Learn why females favor the perception of Providing & Protecting.

  • Learn why Males favor the perception of Nurturing & Care-giving.


Lesson 7) Why Men & Women Communicate Differently?

  • Beginning with our ancient ancestor’s limited sounds & gestures to modern language.

  • How and why female emotion versus male logic in communication?


Lesson 8) Your Love Blueprint

  • Witness the visible results from the act or expression of love inside your brain.

Lesson 9) Synergy Dating™ 101 


  • How to Genuinely Connect on the very first date.

  • What is Synergy Dating, and how does it work?

  • Learn to feel the Combined Effect the very moment when you connect.